On Wedding Invitations -

I can't wait for my guests to see the invites. I had such a great time working with you and I've already been raving about Milestone to my friends and family.
- Alison Harmon

Thank you for thRegan&Briane beautiful invitations!! They are absolutely gorgeous, and exactly what Brian and I wanted - except much better than anything we could have imagined. I loved the whole process, you were always so fast to get back to me. 

Some of the emails I have received in the past couple of days:
-"I just got the invite in the mail...it's beautiful!!! So classy, love the font and colors and red flower and everything."
-"We got your awesome wedding invitation--what a cool lay-out!"
-"What an elegant and artistic wedding invitation!"
-"I received a beautiful wedding invitation yesterday. Thank you!"
-"I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful and amazing invites! I am amazed at how beautiful and well prepared everything is."
--"WOW! Your wedding invitation is BEAUTIFUL -- very classy!"
- R. Johnson

Jaime&RyanMaybe you are used to this. But we've gotten at least 20 calls and texts saying they've never seen a wedding invite that was so amazing and unique. Everyone expected to see a simple boring white invite and then they get ours. Amazing work again Sarah. Can't say thanks enough.
- R. Cody


BrownWeddingThe invitations are beautiful! Thank you so much. I can't wait for everyone to see them! A friend thought they were the most gorgeous invitations in the world! - J. Rutkowski





Tiffany&RobertAt the wedding I had people coming up to me, telling me how awesome our invitations were.  Then people told us how cool it was that from our save-the-date, to the invitation, all the way through the wedding reception was such a cool package, and everything tied together so neatly. Your design work really made that happen!

-T. Slavik

I LOVE MY INVITATIONS!!! My fiancé doesn't say a whole lot about stuff (typical man!), but he looked at the invitations and said, "WOW! I'm going to be proud to send these out! These seriously are the coolest invitations I have ever seen! My friends are going to freak out when they see them!" I couldn't believe he said that! He was seriously impressed!!! I showed a few people at the office and they absolutely LOVED THEM!!! Thanks for everything! I am smiling from ear to ear!
- K. Spillman

Dara&TommyWe had to let you know that everyone has raved about our invitations – a post on our website from a guest deemed them "the most beautiful invitation" she had ever seen! We are thrilled.  We wanted to thank you for your time and attention to detail and of course your patience. You captured exactly what we wanted and more. We couldn't have asked for better.
- D. Moore

Today I've gotten four compliments from coworkers, and 3 of them stated it was the most beautiful invitation they had ever seed. One person left me a voicemail to say how she "almost fell out of her chair" when she saw it. It was truly a magnificent work of art!!!
- T. Beevas

Aanya&MarcWanted to thank you for helping me create a truly remarkable wedding invitation! I know they will be a hit when people see them in their mailboxes. Your sense of creativity is divine. Thank you!
- A. Mickelson


I have to admit I was a little nervous when I placed my order for my invitations. I am not the person to order things online without having a hard copy in my hands. I received my invitations today and when I opened the box, I was in love! They are so unique and I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THEM! I was so happy with the quality and I just want to thank you so much for adding such a special touch to my wedding. I literally wanted to jump up and down. They are beautiful. I will be sure to highly recommend you and your company to my many friends and family members who should ever be in need of invitations. I also want to thank you for being so prompt and friendly as we handled the ordering over the phone, that was a big comfort.
- M. Brightbill

Courtney&ShawnShawn and I successfully got our invitations out a few weeks ago, and we have heard nothing but resounding praise for your work. Everyone has loved the design and attention to details. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and special introduction to our wedding. I learned quickly that wedding plans can be stressful, but you have made a huge piece of this so fun and easy.
- C. Maupin

We got the invitations last night, and they are simply fantastic. Thanks so much for creating such beautiful invitations for us!
- G. Orchard

Even the groomsmen commented on how "cute" the save the dates were.
- L. Anderson

Brooke&BlakeI just wanted to let you know that I received the invitations and I love them! I just wanted to thank you for everything. They look great!
- B. Suggs



Jessica&BrianWe received the invitations and they are GREAT! We are really so happy with how they look. We appreciate all of your help and your high quality work.
- J. Taylor





I want to thank you for our invitations. They turned out beautiful! I love them. You did a fabulous job and they couldn't be more perfect. I keep on looking at them because they are so pretty. Thank you so much!
- K. Weirauch


Kathryn&LucasWe got the invitations today and they look perfect! Thank you for doing such a great job! We are very excited to send them out.
- K. Wistrom



Emily&JeffreyOh my goodness, Sarah! I can't even tell you the amazing response that the invitations have received. You did a beautiful job!!!!
- E. Kennedy



Kelly&PatrickI wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful invitations. Your company does a spectacular job in not only creating beautiful work but also in providing excellent customer service. You have made one of the most tasking processes in planning a wedding very efficient and we wish to thank you for your thoroughness.
- P. Rohlfs




On Holiday Cards - 

Here are a couple of quotes from people that received my Thanksgiving cards:
"I carried it around in my purse for weeks, so that I could show it off to my friends." "I loved your card! It had so many design elements that I had never seen before!" "Darling! It will stay on my refrigerator long after the holidays!"
- Crystal Wood

I'm getting tons of "We loved the cards" comments. Yahoo!
- Anne Garlock

I have worked with Milestone Paper Company on several occasions. Baby showers, baby announcements and holiday cards. I especially appreciate the creativity and individual care put in every project. I love the quotes used, the opportunity to place family photos in the cards and the combinations of ribbon and layers to create a mini gift for the recipient. All of the projects had class and individuality, with a flair of fun and spirit. I will be ordering my holiday cards from Milestone Paper Company for years to come! When people call you the very day they receive your holiday card just to tell you how much they loved it, you know you have made an impression. Thanks so much to Milestone!
- Wendy Suoja

The Christmas cards created by Sarah awed everyone – especially my dad. He commented to me, more than once, how he loved our Christmas card. He loved the pictures, the layout, the simple, yet elegant design, and especially the "from-the-heart" blurbs (which were written by me – another way Sarah absolutely personalizes the card). My dad turned the card over, more than once, just to read it again and again. I believe it will be a Christmas tradition to choose Milestone Paper Company for my family's holiday well-wishes. My dad will likely want her name and number next year too!!!
- Erin Gustafson

I received the cards and they are fabulous! Really, really special. Thank you so much!
- N. Hesterberg

On Announcements -

I just received your 1 year birthday announcement. It is the CUTEST thing I ever received in the mail, and that's saying a lot since I have a lot of friends who are graphic designers.
- Quote shared with a customer from the recipient of a card designed by Milestone